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Top 14 Mistakes Beginner Photographers Make and How to Overcome Them


I know when I started out in photography, I made many mistakes. Hopefully, this list will help you avoid them yourself and learn from my errors. Here’s a list of 14 mistakes I feel beginner photographers make and how to overcome them. Read more »

The Concept of Neutral

How Your Camera's Light Meter Sets Exposure

A key component to understanding your camera's light meter is to understand the concept of middle gray or 18% gray.

If you're still confused about the idea of middle gray or 18% gray and how it affects exposure, then I'd like to introduce you to a concept of mine. It is the concept of “neutral.”   Read more »

How to Take More Interesting Photos

Cool Beach Photo

Here’s a cool little tip that will help you develop your photographer’s vision and take more interesting photos. Read more »

20 Great Photo & Video Gift Ideas Under $40


**Updated: The Holidays may be over, but great photography gifts at excellent prices are always in season.**   Having trouble finding that perfect gift for that nit-picky shutterbug in your life? Or perhaps, you're looking to treat yourself to something nice this Holiday Season? Read more »

The #1 Photography Rule You Should Never Forget

Taking a Photo

I know what you’re thinking, “Oh no, not another photography rule I have to remember!”

I don’t blame you.

In photography, there always seems to be another rule to memorize, guideline to follow, law to obey, theory to understand, gadget to buy - the list is endless. Read more »

Exposure Cheat Sheet

Exposure Cheat Sheet

I made this Exposure Cheat Sheet to help you quickly identify how the three components of the exposure triangle (ISO, shutter speed, and aperture) effect your exposure.  Read more »

17 Superb Silhouette Shots

skateboard air silhouette by ToddMorris

Taking a silhouette photograph is an excellent way to provoke mystery and intrigue. The simplicity of a silhouette is a stark contrast to the intense drama it evokes. Here are 17 examples of superb silhouette photos. If you like the feeling that silhouette photograph creates, then try taking one for yourself -it's easier than you think. Read more »

13 Reasons Why You Should Own a Digital SLR Camera

Pentax Digital SLR and Lenses

If you are looking to improve and grow in your photography journey, it is essential that you own a digital SLR camera. Compared to other point and shoot cameras, a digital SLR gives you many advantages that will help you grow in your photography career. Read more »

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